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27 Eton Road, Gate 5, Colorectal Unit

Welcome to Dr. Nadine Harran

A female colorectal surgeon based at the WDGMC. Dr Harran is a graduate of the Witwaterand University where she completed her undergraduate and general surgical training as well as a Subspecialty fellowship in GIT surgery with a special interest in colorectal.

Prestigious fellowships include 3 months at the AMC in the Netherlands and 2 weeks at the RD&E in in the UK. She works as part of colorectal team and has a special interest in laparoscopic surgery.

An ambitious and enthusiastic person with aims to continuously improve her skills, Passionate about teaching and laparoscopic surgery as she feels that this surgical technique offers her patients the best care, least pain and fastest return to full function.


About Dr. Nadine Harran

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of 2 glorious boys and Surgeon


Dr Harran

I am a proud graduate of Wits, qualified as a Specialist Surgical Gastroenterologist with a special interest in Colorectal in 2014. I am a laparoscopic enthusiast as I feel this surgical technique offers my patients the best care, least amount of post operative pain and fastest return to full function. I work as part of the colorectal unit (CRU) at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Center (WDGMC) and our patient care holistically involves a multidisciplinary team and individual specialists who work together in all aspects of patient care. I am involved in the training of postgraduate Wits surgical registrars and Colorectal Fellows. My international fellowships have allowed me to establish good relations with the international leaders in colorectal surgery, these friendships allow for international discussions and advice with the world leaders in colorectal surgery for all patients at the WDGMC.

My research has included completing my MMED during my surgical training as well as multiple research projects which have resulted in publications. I continue to pursue new projects to improve our insight into medicine and surgery in the South African population.


I am often asked why I do what I do 😉 Since working as a medical officer in 2006 with Professor Oettlé, our only colorectal surgeon on the Wits circuit at that stage. My interest in colorectal surgery blossomed and throughout my registrar time it became more and more apparent to me that this was my passion and the path in general surgery I had to pursue.

I believe in the ethos of the WDGMC and their affiliation with Wits and Academia. The support both I and my patients receive from the supporting doctors and the hospital itself allows me to provide the best possible service to my patients. Working as part of a unit allows for the optimal patient care and discussion in many multidisciplinary forums to debate and discuss patient management, ensuring my patients get the best possible and up to date care.

Passion for my Family

Dr Harran

I am a mother of two boys, age 9 and 12, who are the center of my existence. I am blessed with a fully supportive husband who has supported my career in surgery and has done so since my 3rd year in medical school. Each day comes with it’s challenges and as a mother and wife I am not always able to be where I need to be but the rewards I gain from the joy of my work keep me motivated. I feel my work ethic provides a great example for my children and any other women in surgery proving that one can be a surgeon as well as a mother and a wife.

My inspiration lies in the phrase I think by Dr Zeus: Its all in how you look at things :):


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